There is much for you to discover in Thailand

Thailand Travel by Taxi

Another way to get around Bangkok is by taxis. However, calling a cab during rush hour (8-10 a.m. and 5-6 p.m.) might be difficult because the traffic is held-up or the cabs are taken. In that case, taking bus or walking seems to be the better choice. Most of taxis in Bangkok are meter taxis, which protect the passengers from the unscrupulous taxi drivers. Short trips will be charged in accordance with the fare showing on the meter. Tip is not expected. However, if you want to take the expressway, you are responsible for paying the tolls. If you are traveling outside Bangkok or in the upcountry, be sure to settle the fare with the driver before departure and don’t fall into the mischievous invitations of some taxi drivers who offer to take you to the attraction sites.