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Thailand Travel by Bus

Bangkok’s buses charge fixed fares. Red non air-conditioned fares are 7 baht. White and blue non air-conditioned bus fares are 8 baht. Air-conditioned buses charge according to distance: blue buses start at 11 baht, as do white “caterpillar” buses. Orange Euro buses start at 12 baht. Mauve Microbuses cost between 20 and 25 baht. Some bus drivers drive recklessly. If you cannot get a seat, get a firm grip on the overhead rail.

Travel by Bus in ThailandInter-city travel is cheap with government or private bus companies. While private buses from good hotels are usually fine, those from Khao Sarn Road often give a poor and unsafe service while freezing passengers with maximum air conditioning. Ordinary and air-conditioned government buses are generally better. Bangkok’s terminals are: Ekamai (for the east and northeast), Mor Chit (for the north), Thonburi (for the west) and Pin Klao (for the south).

Northern Bus Terminal :
Kampaengphet 2 Rd, Bangkok
Tel: (66) 2936-3660
Eastern Bus Terminal :
Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok.
Tel: (66) 2391-2504
Northeastern Bus Terminal :
Kampaengphet 2 Rd, Bangkok
Tel: (66) 2936-0667
Southern Bus Terminal :
Boromratchchonnani Rd, Bangkok
Tel: (66) 2435-1200, 2434-7192
Central Bus Terminal :
Kampaengphet 2 Rd, Bangkok
Tel: (66) 2936-1897, 2936-1886

Information Center
Tel: +66 (02) 9362996