There is much for you to discover in Thailand

Thailand Travel by Bicycle

Cycling in Thailand is fun (except maybe in Bangkok) if you prepare well. If you bring your own bicycle, ensure it is mechanically sound, and bring plenty of sparesĀ  bike shops may not stock your requirements. Hiring a bike is convenient, but check it thoroughly before riding away – the owner may blame you for previously unseen damage. You can hire bikes cheaply in most large towns.

Most of Thailand’s roads are reasonable, although some are rather rough in the north. Many rural areas accommodate off-road biking, so mountain bikes are more suitable. Bicycle travel in Thailand While on the road, beware of trucks and buses – the drivers seldom respect other road users. People generally give cyclists leeway, but nevertheless, wear a helmet and reflective gear and get insurance. Taking a bicycle on inter-city buses and trains costs very little. On buses it goes on the roof or in the hold.

A bike might not cost much in travelers opinion, yet it is certainly sellable merchandise to some people. Therefore, cyclists should lock the bike every time they are away; otherwise they have to pay for compensation for the stolen bicycle.