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Medical Treatment and Facilities in Thailand

In Thailand, the medical treatment and facilities are generally good. Each province has at least one hospital and several public and private clinics scattering around town.
However, the most advanced hospitals flock in Bangkok. In the North, Chiang Mai provides the best medical care. In the Northeast, it’s in Khon Kaen while in the South, it’s at Hat Yai or in Phuket. When prescribed of antibiotics, strict to the given dose and intervals. When buying drugs at local drugs stores, travelers should be careful of the expiry date printed on the label. Travelers should take note that medications, drugs or even alcoholic beverages may be more potent and of a different composition than similar ones in their home countries. Each year, several foreigners die of premature heart attacks after drinking alcohol or using drugs of different composition. The best way is consulting with physicians at accredited hospitals. Ask your embassy or hotels where you stay for accredited clinics or hospitals.