There is much for you to discover in Thailand

Customs & Duties in Thailand

Unless you have drastic amounts of luggage, customs is painless. Appropriate quantities of clothing and personal effects for private use are admissible duty free, as are cameras with 5 rolls of film, camcorders with 3 tapes, 1 liter of wine/spirits and 200 cigarettes.

You may have to pay a deposit for expensive equipment such as computers: produce the item on departure for a refund. If it is not for use in Thailand, you may be required to leave it with customs during your stay.

Buddha images, antiques and objects of art cannot leave Thailand without a Fine Arts Department permit, although the rules for this are unclear. It is unlikely that cheap souvenirs fall under such restrictions, but expensive pieces from select showrooms may do so: ask the salesperson and get a receipt. Take note: Illicit drugs, pornography and firearms are forbidden, and penalties for lawbreakers are often severe.