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Thailand Travel By Samlors & Songthaews

Samlors, or tuk-tuks, are 3-wheeled, open-sided buggies fueled by liquid petroleum gas. As taxis, they are a rather noisy and often uncomfortable (albeit convenient) alternative to metered taxis. Nevertheless, tuk-tuks are an integral part of Thai life and at least one ride is a must. Fares are negotiable before the ride, and while locals do well, tourists usually pay the same or more than a taxi fare, roughly US$1 for a 1.5-km trip.

Songthaews are open-sided minivans and/or pickups seating passengers on two benches. They ply regular routes for fixed fares usually a few baht. In some places such as Pattaya and Chiang Mai, they operate as taxis and you have to negotiate the fare before you ride. Per-person fares are slightly cheaper than metered taxis, but groups are better off taking cabs as the fare is calculated according to distance only, regardless of the number of passengers.

Samlors, Thailand
tuk-tuk in Thailand
Song Thaew, Thailand