There is much for you to discover in Thailand

Disability & Accessibility travel in Thailand

Sadly, Thailand falls short on facilities for the disabled. Footpaths are often cluttered and/or in disrepair, and motorcyclists commandeer them at will. Upscale hotels cater better for wheelchair users, but smaller places are ill equipped. City buses are impossible, as the drivers barely give able-bodied people time to board and alight safely, let alone the disabled.
Still, with determination and a strong companion to help them get around, disabled people can enjoy Thailand. Whenever you can, take taxis and tuk-tuks or hire a car. Inter-city trains and buses should not be too problematic. Use a guidebook to plan your trips, thereby avoiding too much trouble on the footpaths. Ask for assistance if you need itĀ  Thais are friendly and accommodating and will help if they can. Spend a little extra on modern hotels with suitable facilitiesĀ  check that they meet your requirements before making reservations.