There is much for you to discover in Thailand

Children & Travel in Thailand

Traveling with children need not be difficult. Thais adore infants, and those with blond hair receive special attention – this is sometimes overwhelming, but remember that people are just being friendly. Despite the language barrier, Thai children quickly make friends with their foreign peers.

Footpaths (especially Bangkok) are not pedestrian friendly. If not in disrepair, something or somebody obstructs them: forget baby strollers and bring back-or-chest-mounted baby carriers. When traveling around, backpacks free your hands for your kids, and harnesses keep young wanderers away from harm. Children should never approach dogs, monkeys, or any animal rabies is still a risk in Thailand.

The tropical sun is intense, so sun block and hats are important. Frequent hand washing is also a must, as infants who suck their fingers can easily pick up stomach bugs. Still, unless you visit remote mountain regions, a clinic is never far away