There is much for you to discover in Thailand

Ancient City in Thailand

Ancient City, known among Thais as Muang Boran

Ancient City is touted as the largest open-air museum in the world. More than 100 of Thailand’s most impressive monuments are erected across 80-hectare (200-acre) of flat land.

Known among Thais as Muang Boran, this is a good place to learn about Thai history in one day. There are numerous reproductions of palace halls, temples, stupas, stone sanctuaries and traditional houses. You can also visit several reconstructed historical buildings, authenticated communities with their inhabitants doing their daily chores and sample villages from all regions of the country. Even though all the buildings and shrines are scaled down, they are proportional and full of details just like the original ones. Indeed the Ancient City is architecturally sophisticated and a preservation site for classical buildings and art forms. It is a place worth your visit if you do not have time to travel to the real place.
The entire grounds are shaped to follow a geographical appearance of Thailand and the monuments are placed accordingly. Below is the highlight of the buildings of each region.

Southern Region: The Land of Buddhism
The southern part of the country has a shape of a small peninsula along the coast. The Stupa of Phra Maha That Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phra Maha That Chaiya are located in this region.

Central Region: The Center of Siamese Local Administration
The Central Region covers the largest river basins where locates Ayutthaya City, Thon Buri and Rattanakosin Cities. This part of the country shows prosperities and Siamese civilization of the country.

Northern Region: The Heart of Lanna Territory
Ancient City of Sukhothai is located in this region. All visitors will have a chance to see fascinating characteristics of Sukhothai arts as well as to sense the unity of Lanna civilization in particular.

Northern Eastern Region: The Source of I-Sarn Civilization
In this region, you can trace the cultures and the civilizations of pre-historic ages as well as of the lively folk arts on this vast plateau of Siam.
Eastern Region: An Outstanding Treasure of Siam
The eastern coast was a significant trade center and a crucial buffer zone for Thai kingdom for many centuries. The towns located on this coast play important parts to the politic and economic of the nation.

Re-Creation Area – The Reflection of Thai talent
This is an additional part of the Ancient City. The architectures in this part reflect the thoughts and the beliefs existing in Thai society. Interesting structures here consists of Buddha statues in the pond, ornately decorated pavilions and decorative pagodas.

A visit to the Ancient City makes an excellent and exhilarating full day outing outside Bangkok. It is recommended to arrive early to be able to explore the place thoroughly.