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Beaches in Samui

Chaweng Beach: the longest and most beautiful beach
Of all of Koh Samui’s beaches, Chaweng Beach gets top votes among tourists for its length and beauty, with many places to swim, sunbathe and enjoy various water sports, or stop by the shopping markets, bars and restaurants.

Situated on the island’s east coast, Chaweng Beach divides into several beachfront areas such as Chaweng Neu Beach (North Chaweng), Chaweng Klang Beach (Middle Chaweng), Chaweng Noi Beach (Little Chaweng), and Chaweng Tai Beach (South Chaweng). The first two are good for swimming, diving, and nighttime action; the others are quieter and more peaceful. Visitors need to take note that skin-diving in this area is best between May and October.

As the sun slowly ducks under the horizon of the Gulf of Thailand, daytime fun gives way to nighttime pursuits along this two-kilometer beach helped by light and sound from nearby pubs, bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops that stay open till late.
Lamai Beach: sand, sea, and the two phallic rocks
Most tourists visit Lamai Beach when it’s at its best, and most suitable for swimming, between December and May, July and August. The four-kilometer-beach has three distinct areas: Lamai Neu Beach (North Lamai), a fishing village, good for local scenery; Lamai Klang Beach (Middle Lamai), good for swimming and the liveliest spot of all, and Lamai Tai Beach (South Lamai) the rocky location of Hin Ta and Hin Yai (grandfather and grandmother), two phallic-like symbols carved by the forces of nature that have to be seen to be believed.

Beach in Samui

Taling Ngam Beach: best beach in the west
The private beach of Taling Ngam Beach, with its fine, white sand and safe swimming, is considered by many to be the premier beach on Samui’s western coast. Situated 10 km south of Na Thon, this is the location of Le Royal Meridien Baan Taling Ngam a five-star resort that enjoys world acclaim. The beach overlooks the nearby island of Koh Ha and is a great place to watch sunsets.

A tranquil and peaceful location, with added color from local folk’s cottages dotted along the beach, it is quite easy to access other parts of Samui from Taling Ngam Beach via the coast road.

Thong Yang Beach: beach by the ferry
Northward from Taling Ngam Beach is Thong Yang Beach, a long beach known for its peaceful and quiet atmosphere, where a few tourists drop by for a swim or just to relax.

The quiet stretch of beach from Taling Ngam Beach to Thong Yang Beach is the site of coconut farms and patches of course, brown sand. The beach is bordered by a headland with a small hill with good views over the small island of Koh Ha. To the rear are a number of reasonably priced resorts. Around the headland lies Li Pa Noi Beach.

The waters here are quite deep and serve as a port, making the ferry at Thong Yang Beach another important center of transportation on Koh Samui with two-hour ferry crossings to Don Leuk, the port of Surat Thani. The ferry is large enough for vehicles.
Mae Nam Beach: north coast beach and port
Mae Nam Beach is a long stretch of coastline on Koh Samui’s northern coast adjacent to Laem Na Phra Lan with a 4-km-long beach that shelves steeply making it suitable as a port. Laem Phra Lan port offers speedboat services mainly to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao to the north.

Mae Nam, with its quiet, spacious beach shaded by pines and coconut trees, and clean, clear waters, is one of the oldest communities on Koh Samui. Tourists visiting here will find some bungalows, resorts and seafood restaurants lining the beach area.

Bo Phut Beach: backpackers’ paradise
The peaceful bay of Bo Phut Beach lies between Mae Nam Beach and Phra Yai Beach on Koh Samui’s northern coast; good for swimming in parts, but also offering port facilities and a stretch of seafood restaurants.

Visitors can get a glimpse of the lifestyle of the local fishing community, while Ao Bo Phut is a jumping-off point for trips to Koh Tao or Ang Thong Marine National Park. During peak travel periods, speedboats leave daily from Bo Phut Beach to Koh Tao.

One of the best areas on Koh Samui for seafood, restaurants in Bo Phut beach area offer tasty dishes at palatable prices; there are also a number of economically priced bungalows that makes this spot a backpackers’ paradise.

Thong Sai Bay: a private beach with a world renowned resort
Not too many beaches have gained popularity through their proximity to first-class accommodation, but at Thong Sai Bay on Koh Samui’s northeastern corner, this is evident at the world-renowned resort of Ban Thong Sai.

Although quite small, Thong Sai beach is one of Koh Samui’s most attractive. Curved, with clean, white sand sandwiched between a deep blue sea and lush vegetation, the Ban Thong Sai beach resort management combines accommodation and service with environmental concern.

Cheung Mon Beach: a bay of peacefulness and tranquility
Also in the northeast of Koh Samui, south from Thon Sai Bay and closer to Samui airport, Cheung Mon Beach is a white sandy bay with an exceptionally beautiful beach in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Far from the local community, Cheung Mon Beach is a curved bay of fine white sand beside a deep blue sea that beckons swimmers. The small island of Koh Fan Noi is a short distance from the beach and can be accessed on foot at low tide. This location is not far from the busier beaches and tourist attractions at Had Chaweng further down the east coast.