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Located in the Gulf of Thailand about 100 kilometres east of Surat Thani coast, Koh Phangan is 20 kilometres north of the bigger island of Koh Samui.

Covering an area of 168 square kilometers, Koh Phangan is Thailand ‘s third largest island in the Gulf of Thailand after Koh Chang and Koh Samui. Smaller islands, including Koh Tae Nok, Koh Tae Nai, Koh Ma and Koh Tao, are grouped around Koh Phangan some 40 kilometers distant. It is one of 48 islands in the archipelago that makes up Ang Thong National Marine Park and has been inhabited for a thousand years. Malays were the first group to settle on the island; hence some places carry Malay names like ‘Koh Ra Hum’, which means ‘shadow’ and is the former name for Koh Phangan. Then there’s ‘Loh Da Lam’ the former name for Ban Chaloke Lam.
Buddhism predominates on Koh Phangan, only 5% of the populace being Muslims. The main industry is agriculture, coconut farming and fishing. For some years, the travel industry has taken over as the most profitable pursuit on the island with many landlords selling their land to move on or invest in hotels and resorts.

Thong Sala Pier: gateway to the island
Located on Koh Phangan’s west coast, Thong Sala pier is the dropping-off point for all boats visiting the island and, as such, the main gateway to the island. All visitors have to start and finish their trip at Thong Sala.

As the port is at the heart of things, care needs to be exercised when planning your travel movements. Thong Sala pier is the site of the Siam Commercial Bank, bungalows, restaurants, boutiques, souvenir shops, Internet cafe, and so forth.

To get to Koh Phangan , take an express boat that is run twice a day from Nathon pier on Koh Samui to Thong Sala pier or a ferryboat from Don Sak pier in Surat Thani