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Beaches in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is indeed rich in beaches, the most splendid being Had Rin, Had Thong Nai Pan and Had Mae Had. Had Rin, venue for the island’s ‘Full Moon Party’, is busy day and night with foreign visitors seeking an assortment of accommodation. This spot is not so popular with Thai holidaymakers.

Had Rin
Situated on a cape jutting out from the southeast corner of Koh Phangan tip, Had Rin is 12 km from the district office.

Formerly, Had Rin was not popular with tourists as it could only be reached by boat (no road) and boasted a welcoming army of gnats. That’s all changed; today, armies of visitors drive down to Had Rin and the gnats have largely moved on.

Actually, Had Rin consists of 2 beaches, Had Rin Nok and Had Rin Nai , which are situated on different direction.

To the west of the cape is Had Rin Nai , its beach over 1,000 meters in length made up of powdery sand. Here the sea is a glorious emerald green with safe swimming locations. Ferryboats to Big Buddha Pier on Koh Samui leave from the pier four times a day. The center of Had Rin, this spot has grocery shops, laundry, tour counters and restaurants.

The beach beyond the pier is of powdery sand and quite suitable for swimming and sunbathing. A line of accommodation stretches along the seashore.

Beyond Had Rin Nok , sitting on the west side of the cape – is Had Lee La, a quiet area with a white sandy beach.

Looking down from the mountain, you can clearly see the half-moon-shaped beach of Had Rin Nok ; more beautiful perhaps than Had Rin Nai and the main sight of the Full Moon Party where Thais and foreigners gather in large numbers in a spirit of merrymaking.

This beach is always busy, especially during the high season when vacant guestrooms are hard to find. On bright, sunny days, the sea seems more colorful and tourists throng there to sunbathe on the white sandy beach.

If your preference is to stay near a less crowded beach but close enough the entertainment. You may consider Had Ban Tai area, which is on the north of Had Rin. The beach has easy access to Had Rin.

To get to Had Rin , take minibuses from Thong Sala pier. You can also board a boat at Had Rin to cross over to Koh Samui. If you drive yourself, be careful because the paved road between Had Ban Tai and Had Rin is quite steep in places.

Had Mae Had
In Had Mae Had on the island’s tranquil northwestern tip, accommodation is plentiful. This is a charming area with a long, powdery-sand beach safe for swimming. It is an ideal place to relax or sunbathe.

The most outstanding feature in this area is the neighboring island of Koh Ma , accessible by foot across a sandbar. Koh Ma is the site of a splendid coral reef frequented by tourists who enjoy swimming and diving around this island. Beyond Had Mae Had is the quiet beach of Had Salat that offers shallow water coral reef for exploration.

Of outstanding beauty and a great site for skin diving is the tiny island of Koh Ma opposite Had Mae Had.