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Beached in Koh Kood

Had Ao Pro
Located in the west of Koh Kood, Had Ao Prao is a one – kilometer beach with the lines of coconut trees. The longest beach on the island, it’s also the residential area of local fishermen. The beach is good enough for swimming even though tourists like to come here for sunset watch or shopping for small items from a small local shop.

Ao Tapao
Perhaps the best beach in Koh Kood is Ao Tapao. Lying on the west of the island, the beach has powdery sand with the backdrop of coconut trees. The natural beauty of Ao Tapao beach is seen from early morning until late evening both at high tide and low tide when the full width of the beach becomes exposed towards sundown, revealing classic sunset views while presenting photographic opportunities. It is quite convenient to walk from Tapao Bay to Ban Klong Mat, and nearby bays and inlets, an area considered the center of Koh Kood because of the facilities offered such as the sub district office, hospital and police station. All are located not far from Tapao beach and close to Klong Hin Dam pier. Ban Klong Mat is the island’s oldest fishing community and a spot where tourists can buy souvenirs.

Had Yai Koed
For those who like basking in the sun in seclusion, Had Yai Koed could be the answer. Mixed with stones and fine white sand, this 800 meters long beach can be accessed by boat only. Indeed, what makes this beach unique is a resort whose bungalows stick out to the sea.

Had Klong Chao
Cut through by a canal, Had Klong Chao is a quiet beach. The slightly sloppy beach is safe for swimming. But if you are bored with swimming in the sea water, you can try taking a dip in the fresh water basin of Klong Chao Waterfall. Although with only a single tier, Klong Chao Waterfall is considered the most beautiful on Koh Kood, cascading into a large pool providing tourists a welcome spot for some freshwater swimming. It is tucked away in the jungle and can be reached by boat from this beach. Many island visitors choose to kayak through a lush mangrove forest and trek for another 15 minutes to get to the waterfall.

Had Klong Yai Ki
Still on the island’s western coast, Klong Yai Ki Bay seems more striking than other bays and beaches on Koh Kood. A visit to Klong Yai Ki Bay puts tourists among some wonderful scenery and sandy-white, clean beaches, including Koh Raed, a small island close-by, plus a chance to visit Klong Yai Ki Waterfall.

Adjacent to Klong Yai Ki Bay is a canal called Klong Yai Ki. Across the canal is a long beach suitable for swimming. At low tide it’s possible to walk across the canal. Spectacular sunsets are also an attraction viewed from the tip of the cape.

The walk from Klong Yai Ki canal to Klong Yai Ki Waterfall is just 200m and the distance from Klong Yai Ki pier to the waterfall is about 1.5km. Despite being small in size, the waterfall funnels into a large basin of freshwater, which tourists find quite invigorating after a dip in the briny sea.

Only a 300m walk from Klong Yai Ki Bay, opposite Koh Raed is Rahan beach, another one of Koh Kood’s beautiful beaches whose long, white sandy beach, offering wide stretches at low tide, is ideal for sunbathing or swimming in the emerald-green sea, or for just relaxing under shady coconut palms. This is another great place to admire the wonderful sunsets.

Had Klong Ta Tin
Further north on Koh Kood is Klong Ta Tin Bay with its long beach of very clean, white sand with safe swimming. A canal called Klong Ta Tin flows across the beach and into the sea. The small island of Koh Mai Si Lek can be seen from the beach and is another hot spot for watching the sun go down. The only way to get to the beach is by boat, which makes this a private hideaway.

Further north still is Ta U Bay towards Maphut Bay with a small beach good for swimming. Here, another small canal traverses the beach with a resort to the left and coconut groves offering shade on the other side. There are a few houses in the area belonging to villagers; accessible only by boat therefore the beach offers a private environment.

Maphut or Bon Nay (upper bay) has a long beach and is good for swimming. There is a coral reef at the head of the bay. Sunsets over Maphut Bay are a sight to marvel at with the island of Koh Mai Si Lek in full view from the beach, which is also the pier for the Sea Ball Spirit Cruise that moors in this bay every year when it comes to Thailand. Maphut Bay can be reached only by boat.