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Beaches in Koh Chang

Had Sai Khao
Had Sai Khao is famed for delicate white sand along a 6-kilometer beach. The beach is dotted with towering palms and coconut tress. The most popular beach in the island, it is not surprising to see a wide variety of resorts and bungalows lining behind the trees.

At night Had Sai Khao is illuminated with lights from pubs and bars, restaurants that are located along its beachside road. There are plenty of grocery stores, car and motorbike rental shops and petrol stations.

Had Klong Prao
Had Klong Prao, which means the bay of coconuts, derives its name from a number of coconut trees found along its beach.

This beach begins at Chaiyachet Cape, which offers a good viewpoint of the island at sunset. The beach is less crowded than Had Sai Khao and suitable for swimming and water sports. People staying on this beach can rent a bicycle or take a minibus to Klong Plu Waterfall which is only 3 kilometers from the beach. Accommodations on this beach are simple. Most of them nestle among dotting trees.

Had Kai Bae
Fifteen kilometres from Had Klong Prao is Had Kai Bae. It is a popular place among foreign tourists who come here for sunbathing. The beach has a slight slope into the sea that is favourable for swimming. Tourists who want to visit neighbouring islands such as Koh Yuak, Kh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai can hop in a boat from this beach.

Had Kai Bae is more colourful at night with restaurants and pubs vying for customers. For those who enjoy seafood, there are many seafood restaurants overlooking the beach. Accommodations here come in different styles from basic to luxury.

Situated near the office of Koh Chang National Park, Thanmayom Waterfall is the largest waterfall in the island and also a major source of water for islanders. The four-tier waterfall has a historical significance to the locals as it was visited by two Thai kings in the early twentieth century. Even though the fall can be accessed throughout the year, it looks more picturesque in the cool season. Most people stay around the first and second tier of the fall because the path to the third and fourth tiers is too steep and slippery.

Klong Plu Waterfall is another popular tourist attraction for those who stay near Had Klong Prao or Had Kai Bae. The fall is only 3 kilometres from Had Klong Prao and reached by road. The first tier of the fall is the best spot for a dip or relaxation since it has a small pool under the canopy of lush green trees. Like Thanmayom Waterfall, Klong Phu Waterfall is at its best in the cool season which starts from November until February.