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Koh Chang and Islands around

Koh Chang is the largest island in the gulf of Thailand and the second largest one in the country after Phuket. Visitors mostly travel for 5 and a half hours by road and take a 45 minute boat ride to the island. Nowadays, Bangkok Airways offers a 45 minute flight from the capital to Trad.

Its close proximity to the shore makes Koh Chang accessible all year round. The best time to visit the island is between November and April. The sea is less clear during the rainy season from August and October.

Touring the island on a motorcycle is also easy since the road network is now complete. There are a various styles of accommodation here, from a basic thatched roof bungalow to a boutique cottage. Grocery stores are plenty and tend to increase in number in the future. Presently, many pubs and bars are centred around Had Sai Khao and Had Kai Bae.