There is much for you to discover in Thailand

Trang Beaches

Primarily a rubber trading center, Trang is a good base to visit lush tropical parks nearby, including clusters of untouched islands.

Beach, Thailand

Trang has numerous exotic islands and natural wonders. One island has the nicest beach while some has an underwater cave and an inland emerald green lagoon. Some island is a habitat of sea cows and migrating birds while some boosts the best diving spot. To get to these islands, most travelers start from Pakmeng Beach.

Pakmeng Beach
Pakmeng Beach is regarded as center of the trips in the Trang Sea . At high season, tour boats set off the first trip early in the morning. From its beachfront road, ones can admire the beautiful scenery with a view of the Trang Sea in the shade of pine trees. The beach has border with Chang Lang Beach , which is another beautiful beach. This is the beach where a 4 star Amari Trang Beach Resort is located. The beach ends at the office of Had Chaomai National Park. The setting along this long beach line is charming and peaceful. It is strange that the water from the canal that flows into the sea at this beach does not bring the soil sediment to spoil the sand. Traveling toward the end of the beach, ones will reach Had Chaomai National Park. The beach that stretches along the park is of bright silver and shady with pine trees. Camping is said to be a popular activity among locals during weekends. There is a small hill near the beach called Khao Baena, that houses the remaining of pre-historic mural paintings. The beach near Khao Baena presents an impressive view if the sunset.

Koppee & Kanom Chin
While visiting Trang, try Chinese Hokkien filtered coffee (koppee) from cafes and stalls everywhere: it usually comes with snacks. Moslem food is common, and the curries and rotis are especially good. Also popular are curried Chinese noodles (kanom Chin). For souvenirs, local wicker baskets and mats are of particularly fine quality: Tha Klang Market offers great deals on these and woven cotton fabrics.
Scenery & Wildlife
The scenery of Trang Province resembles that of Phang-Nga, yet fewer tourists come here. About 35 km from Trang town, Hat Jao Mai National Park encompasses various islands and beaches supporting sea otters, monitor lizards, pangolins and many other animals: resident birds include sea eagles and egrets. Many species of waterbird nest and breed in the marshy Khlong Lamchan Waterbird Park , east of Trang town.

Cave Carvings
Trang Province is dotted with caves: Tham Phra Phut shelters a large reclining Buddha, and Tham Tra is adorned with enigmatic carvings of seals. More caves near the broad, sandy beach of Hat Jao Mai contain fossils and ancient human bones. From here, boats sail to nearby Koh Libong. Waterfalls are plentiful, too. The remote Roi Chan Phan Wang is unique for its numerous mini-falls that feed pools in a shady picnic park amid limestone rock formations.