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Satun Beaches

If you follow the road all the way to the southernmost part of Thailand ‘s territory, you eventually hit upon the little known but charming province of Satun , home to four lush national parks and a pivotal role in Thailand ‘s history.

Satun Beach

Satun is 973km south of Bangkok . It borders Malaysia at its south and the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean at its west coast. Within the total area of 2,478.98sq/km, the province also includes 105 islands. The majority of the population is Muslim. Until 1813, the province was a district of Kedah but was relinquished (along with some other states) to Britain in exchange for the British’s renunciation of its extra-territorial rights in Siam .

Among all four national parks that are located in the province, Tarutao National Maritime Park has the largest island in the province, Koh Tarutao, and was the first national maritime park designated in the country. In the past, Koh Tarutao was a prison. Things have changed recently, the island was the site of the Survivor Thailand series and now people are dying to get there, not to escape.

There are two major island groups in this national park, namely Koh Tarutao and the Adang-Ravi archipelago. Tarutao, has a variety of natural attractions from beautiful bays and sandy beaches to caves, canal and waterfalls. Its original Malay name ‘Talo Teara’ that means ‘lots Teara’ that means ‘lots of bays’, and this is not a misnomer. The place is riddled with beautiful coves and inlets such as Talo Dab Bay , Talo U-Dang Bay and Hin Ngam Bay . Tourists can camp on the beach and go scuba diving among pristine coral. Park office tours include three waterfalls and some caves as well as three former prisons at the southernmost
Within the small Adang-Ravi archipelago, there are several pretty isles such as Koh Leepeh, Koh Adang, Koh Ravi, Koh Dong and Koh Khai. On Koh Khai, approximately 40 mins from Koh Tarutao, visitors can visit the natural rock arch, the symbol of Tarutao national park. However, overnight stays are not permitted on this island since it a major nesting site for endangered sea turtles.

Inside the mainland towards the southeast of the province, Thale Ban National Park is yet another natural wonder. Between two mountains, is a large fjord-like lake filled with various forms of plant life. Here, there is a creature called ‘water dog’ or ‘Mah Nam ‘. This evolutionarily confused creature looks similar to a toad but has a tail and barks like a dog’s best spotted during rainy season.