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Islands in Ranong

Laem Son Beach
This pine tree franked beach sticks out to the sea like a big cape. The sand here is grey with some rugged surface. The beach may not look attractive but this is the place where travelers get on a boat to many of the islands such as Koh Khang Khao and Koh Kam Yai. An office of Laem Son National Park is located on this beach with restaurants, bungalows and tour centres in close proximity. The beach is about 53 km from Ranong Town .

Koh Khang Khao
Visible from Bang Ben beach in Laem Son National Park , the small island of Koh Khang Khao is truly an exotic island. The island has abundance of colourful shallow corals and a lovely beach with soft fine white sand. Its finest beach is situated in the east. You can rent a boat from Had Bang Bane at Laem Son National Park . The trip lasts about 30 minutes for a long-tailed boat and 10 minutes for speedboat. The best time to visit is between November and April.

Koh Kam Yai
Koh Kam Yai may not be famous for coral reefs or sandy beach – the island has more forested hills than beaches – but it is known by the local as the island of sea birds. Fifteen kilometers from the shore, it is the largest island of Koh Kam archipelago, which is also part of Laem Son national Park. There is no human settlement on the island, making it perfect for a variety of migrating birds that seek refuge during the cool season. Tourists, who take a diving trip to Koh Fai Waeb, stop by this island for bird watching. At low tide, you can walk on a sand dune causeway to another nearby island Touring period is between November and April.

Koh Chang
Koh Chang, the largest island in Ranong. The island is part of Mu Koh Phayam National Park. There are small fishing villages on the island. Most of villagers moved from Surat Thani and Koh Pha Ngan about four decades ago. This is an interesting site worth visiting since their way of life remains untouched by mainstream tourism. Many of Koh Chang’s nice beaches are found at the west. There are some shallow coral reefs around the island for snorkeling. The longest beach on the island is Ao Yai. The four kilometer long beach is safe for swimming and has a wooden bridge that links to another beach on the eastern part of the island. Several bungalows are available on Ao Yai. Another nice beach is Ao Khai Tao. The beach is located in the western end of the island and can be reached by boat only. It is the site of Ao Khai Tao National Park Ranger Unit. You can swim at the beach or trek to the viewpoint for 5 kilometres. There is no accommodation is on this beach.

To get to the island, you can get on a local boat at the pier near Ranong estuary. The trip takes about 2 hours.

Koh Phayam
Thirty three kilometers from the shore is a small island of Koh Phayam . The island has beaches that are both peaceful and pristine. The wide sandy beach has the backdrop of forested hills, which is a habitat of monkeys, boars and a variety of sea birds. There is a small community of friendly Buddhist islanders on the island, mostly cashew nut farmers. They get around the island via a small tarmac road which is capable of accommodating motorcycles only. That means there is no car on this island.

Perhaps the island’s best beach is Ao Yai. It is located at the southwest of Koh Phayam Pier. The beach is about 2 kilometres long and filled with white clear sand. From this beach, you can see Koh Kam, Koh Surin and Koh Yan Chuek in Myanmar .

Bungalows for rent can be found at the north of Ao Yai. At the back of the bungalows are coconut and cashew nut farms. The beach offers a real retreat for travelers who prefer quiet surroundings.

There is another beach called Ao Khao Kwai at the northwest of Koh Phayam Pier. The beach has white clear sand and crystal clear water. Koh Yan Chuek of Myanmar can be seen from this beach. You can find bungalows for rent on this beach as well.

To get there, travelers take a boat from Koh Phayam pier behind Pak Nam police station in Ranong. The journey takes about 2 hours. The best time to visit the island starts from November to December.