There is much for you to discover in Thailand

Ranong Beaches

Despite being a small province, Ranong is abundant with natural attractions; the sea, islands, mountains, forests, waterfalls, mangroves forests. Yet, it is barely known among overseas tourists. This lush and rainy province bordering southern Myanmar , Ranong has among its attractions hot springs and stunning marine parkland. Indeed, this province offers a lot more than just another coastal province.

Chinese Influence
Bordering southern Myanmar and 600 kilometres south of Bangkok , mountainous Ranong Province receives more rain than elsewhere in Thailand , covering it in lush greenery. Ranong town began as a Chinese Hokkien settlement, and this is evident from its older architecture. One example is Nai Khai Ranong, the former home of Koh Su Chiang, a Hokkien governor of Ranong during the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). Situated in the north of the town, only one of the three original structures still exists. Now a clan house and shrine exhibiting relics of the Koh clan, it is open to visitors.


Hot Springs
A few kilometers out of town by Wat Tapotaram, visitors can wash with water scooped from hot and cold containers at the Ranong Mineral Hot Springs. Hot mineral baths (with the same spring water) are available at the public spa of the nearby Jansom Thara Ranong Hotel. Further on from the springs is Hat Som Paen, once a tin-mining village. A creek running through the local temple contains giant carp, said by some to be angels and therefore sacred and protected. According to local belief, affliction with leprosy awaits anyone who harms the fish.

Punyaban Waterfall
Just a ten minute drive from Ranong Town , you will reach the Punyaban Waterfall tucked in an evergreen forest. This moderate size waterfall of three levels nestles in a wonderful vista of mountains. The waterfall originates from small streams in the forest preservation area named La Un and Rachakrud Forest . There is a 300 metre nature trail near the fall. Tourists can walk through a lush green forest to observe the ecological system of the tropical rain forest. Small restaurants and toilets are available in the area.

Khao Fa Chi
One of the charming characteristics of Ranong is its picturesque scenery along the road. Khao Fa Chi (Fa Chi Mountain) offers a majestic viewpoint of Ranong’s verdant landscape. Located about 30 kilometres from Ranong town, the viewpoint at the peak of Khao Fa Chi is about 259 metres above the sea level and reached by road. From there, you can see the La Un River draining into the Andaman Sea . The peak is also the location of Khao Fa Chi Telecommunication Centre. It is worth a visit especially for a sunset watch.

Ngao Waterfall
The Tanaosri mountain range, which covers much of Southern Thailand , is abundant with dense tropical rain forests. They are a watershed of many waterfalls, including Ngao Waterfall. This large waterfall has its origin in the jungles in Ranong. The stream from the deep forest flows down from the cliff, which can be seen from several hundred meters away. You can trek with a national park ranger in the forested mountain to see various species of wild orchids and, if luck is in your side, the princess crab – a new specie of crab that has a white shell and claws with a dark violet mouth, eyes and legs.

The Grass Mountains
Opposite Ngao Waterfall is what the local call the ‘Bald Mountains’ or ‘Ghost Mountains’.