There is much for you to discover in Thailand

Beaches around Hua Hin

Hua Hin Beach
The name Hua Hin – ‘rocky head’ in Thai – is derived from the rocks that can be seen on the beach in front of the Sofitel Central Hotel. It has a 5-kilometer beach lined with a variety of private beach houses and 5 star resorts. The beach stretches some 7 kilometres from the hill in the south called Khao Takiap, where the famous temple Wat Khao Takiap is located. The beach is wide and long with white sand and scattering rocks in some area. Some parts of the beach can be tranquil but activities such as horse riding, kite boarding, and water sports can also be found

Cha-am Beach
Known as a twin city of Hua Hin but more popular among Thai tourists, Cha-am beach is about 28 kilometers north of Hua Hin. Cha-am is less developed than Hua Hin but it’s picking up its pace to attract more foreign tourists. It is very quiet and relaxing during the week and gets busy at weekends. There are several fun activities on the offer such as Jet Ski, banana boat and bicycle riding. Plenty of seafood restaurants are also available here.

Suan Son Pradiphat Beach
Protected by the Army Welfare Office, Suan Son Pradiphat is some 10 kilometers south of Hua Hin. This is a serene and relaxing place to visit with various restaurants and accommodations – many local guesthouses and self-catering bungalows. Open to the public everyday.

Khao Tao Beach
This small secluded beach at the foot of Khao Tao Hill lies about 20 kilometers south of Hua Hin. The beach is fringed with pine trees and more peaceful than Hua Hin beach. Perhaps the landmark of this beach is a large Buddha statue that is looking out to the sea. Bungalows and small local restaurants are available by the beach.

Khao Takiab Beach
Khao Takiab ‘chopstick hill’ beach is 7 kilometers south of Hua Hin. The hill is famous for its hilltop temple and monkeys that live near temples. The best spot of this beach is located behind the hill where there are big expanses of beach and calm shallow waters ideal for children. You can take motorcycle taxi or local bus to Khao Takiab from Hua Hin ‘chopstick hill’ beach

Pranburi beach: a haven of boutique resorts
Pranburi is some 30 kilometres south of Hua Hin. The beach itself may not be spectacular but its peaceful environment infuses a sense of privacy and exclusivity. It was never a popular weekend destination among travelers. In the past, holidaymakers preferred to stay in Hua Hin and drive to Pranburi for a one day trip.

However, this is not the case, today, since it becomes a popular getaway among travelers from Bangkok who seek to relax in style. That contributes to the increase in the number of chic and boutique resorts. The trend started in 2002 when Soneva hotelier group opened its first boutique resort in Pranburi. The resort was a huge success, luring local and foreign investors to follow its footstep. Yet it maintains its serenity. Some resorts in Pranburi offer a shuttle van service for their customers who want to go to Hua Hin for a night out. Nowadays, Pranburi is a tourist attraction by its own.

An interesting attraction nearby Pranburi is the Pranburi Forest Park, which occupies a large area with a 1-kilometre pine-fringed beach and mangrove nature trails.