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Ranked third in Time magazine among Asia top destinations, Thailand has seen more than 10 million visitors in the year 2002 alone. But not every visitor knows social customs or how Thais go about their daily life, things that could help them get around Thailand with ease and less embarrassing moments. For example, it is wiser to carry a baby with a back-or-chest mounted carrier than a baby stroller when walking the street of Bangkok. It is offensive to point your feet at people or an object. Thus, to avoid social mishap like this, it is helpful to know this seemingly trivial information before traveling to Thailand. gives you tips and guidelines about traveling in Thailand. It is aimed to answer questions frequently asked by travelers who travel to Thailand for the first time. Most of the information in this website is compiled and written by Keith McGibbon, a British expatriate who has been living in Thailand for many years. From tips about tipping to finding telephone number of a bus terminal, the website attempts to provide the most reliable and up-to-date information that will help you travel in Thailand as smoothly as Thai silk.

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